What is jazz and characteristics of jazz music? (Part 2)

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Jazz melodies have their own characteristics

Mainly built on a scale with “blue notes”. That is, the note in the third and the seventh in the scale will be reduced in pitch.

The technique of using musical instruments was started directly from the singing style of black people. Musicians will invent a technique to make instruments sound like human voices. Specifically, the notes of fine notes, chemical notes, blues notes, vibrato and glissando.

When enjoying Jazz, we will always feel new, different in tone, harmony, rhythm and expression. In Jazz, a colorful melody expresses the freedom of music. Each song of each artist will have its own color and imprint.

Rhythm of Jazz

Jazz has a completely different rhythm from classical music. Classical rhythms are the form that does not require too complicated, good hearing and fingering techniques are focused. As for the jazz tempo, the beat beat, beat and jerk styles are extremely focused. This is the difference that helps Jazz not to be confused with any music.

Specific rhythm of jazz music: The beat of 2 beat in the march of the military will be replaced by the beat of 4 beat, emphasized in beat 2 and 4 in the bar.

Harmony in Jazz

Harmony in Jazz will create structure, clear melody and music with its own color. Jazz harmonies are a lot more complicated than classical rules.

Jazz’s most commonly used chords are increasing, decreasing, chord 7 and adding chords in addition to chords, such as 9, 11, and 13.

Jazz harmonies will be transferred continuously from one bar to another with different harmonies. Therefore, each bar is considered a draw.

The typical harmonies of Jazz music are Level II, V and I. While traditional harmonics are IV, V and I. This is a huge difference of Jazz harmony with tradition.

Jazz is a multi-color music stream so artists playing Jazz will increase, decrease chords, improvise using harmonious loops. Thanks to that, it will make the audience feel good and new. The most important thing is that the harmonies do not stray too far from the theme of the song.