What is jazz and characteristics of jazz music? (Part 1)

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Jazz music is artistic, not too many people like it and not too easy to hear. However, Jazz made the audience already like it as a lover of it. So what is Jazz? What is special about Jazz?

Let’s find out the answer through this articles!

What is jazz?

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, jazz began to be born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. At an early stage, Jazz is a combination of the following elements:

  • African music rhythm, originating from Blues and Ragtime.
  • African-slaves sing songs when they work in the United States.
  • New It is typical music of New Orleans in marches, parades and funerals.
  • Some other European music elements.

Jazz has a long history, spans more than 100 years and is derived from the songs sung by African-slaves while working, so it is difficult to fully define what jazz is.

Today, Jazz can be understood as a genre of music based on the improvised, urgent but well-coordinated rhythm in each tune. Improvisation is the way in which jazz artists express themselves and create improvised music in their own bold way.

What are the characteristics of Jazz?

Improvisation and artist

The author of jazz music can improvise to create the theme. Meanwhile, the playing artist can improvise out the song on the background of an existing theme in a specific style to complete the song, bearing his color.

The song creation is mostly associated with the performer. Therefore, the characteristic of Jazz is the random improvisation of music artists.

Jazz is similar to classical music in that at the beginning of the performance, it will represent the theme. Different from the point, classical music must follow the rules set by musicians. However, Jazz is an artist’s improvisation so sometimes the same song but the performance is different.