Joey DeFrancesco

Music Selections
Listen to selections from Joey DeFrancesco’s release, Live at the 5 Spot:I’ll Remember April: MP3 or Windows Media Player


and from his release, The Street of Dreams:

Putting on the Ritz: MP3 or Windows Media Player

The Street of Dreams: MP3 or Windows Media Player

Stop Leading Me On: MP3 or Windows Media Player

Twisted Blues: MP3 or Windows Media Player




Born in Philadelphia in 1971, the son of a B3 Hammond Organ-playing father, “Papa” John DeFrancesco (featured on “All in the Family” High Note, 1998), Joey DeFrancesco grew up steeped in Hammond music, but also learned to play trumpet, a skill featured in both live performance and on his recordings. He has been recording since the late 1980’s (five Columbia albums, plus a couple for Big Mo and a number for Concord), but rose to worldwide prominence by touring with John McLaughlin’s Free Spirits in the mid-1990’s. His no-nonsence, unpretentious, good-time music is always rousing and uplifting, and he is one of the most unfussily virtuosic of the current B3 torchbearers.