Jazz music and interesting knowledge for beginners (Part 1)

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Jazz music can be described as a genre that many people love, but few people understand it well. For those who do not know, jazz has a huge influence on almost every genre of music in the 20th century, from rock, hip-hop to Latin music. Possessing interesting knowledge about jazz not only makes you better understand this music, but also helps to evoke new feelings when you listen to the music you love.

Jazz music expresses the idea of ​​playing music in groups, but at the same time retains its own characteristics for each performer, thereby helping all members of the band to “shine” separately but completely without a bit. Out of control. Jazz was born from the music of the African-American slave class, and then inspired by modern American life in diverse aspects such as film, sports, music, art, and literature. chapter and race as well.

One of the most noticeable things about jazz, even for novice jazz, is improvisation. This helps create a great novelty, even if it’s just a piece that has been played over and over again. The jazz artists also try to combine well to perform in the best way. It is no exaggeration to say that jazz music always brings surprises to the listener, unlike other genres where you can sometimes guess the climaxes. With jazz, nothing is fixed.

Jazz music also has many different sub-genre. They basically remain the same impromptu expression, differing only in styles of each period in history, as well as the development trend of society. Below we will take a look at the branches of jazz to understand more about this wonderful music.

Blues (appeared from the late 19th century to the present)

Similar to jazz, blues began around the 19th century and was hummed by slaves, and later peasants, as they worked in sunburned fields. When South Americans learned to play European instruments, the guitar became the most popular instrument. People often sang clam when they had free time with the guitar, and so blues music was born. The general style of blues music is always hitting certain styles, as well as having its own characteristic with a low note called “blue note”, bringing a sad feeling that is hard to describe.

Blues music developed in parallel with jazz between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and at that time jazz artists often used the traits of blues to blend into their jazz style to create new.

Outstanding jazz-blues artists who can be mentioned include WC Handy, Huddie “Lead Belly” Leadbetter or Bessie Smith. Also try listening to works like  Where Did You Sleep Last Night  (Lead Belly) or  St. Louis Blues  (Bessie Smith).