Good jazz listening speakers you should know

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For audiophiles, music is considered a form of entertainment, while for artists, sound is an inspiration to help them create songs, classic songs that go into the heart of the audiophile.

Music has a long history of establishment and development, people have also created many different types of music to suit the needs of listening to music. And Jazz is considered to be one of the genres loved by many music lovers.

Normally, the sound quality of jazz music is very delicate. Sound is usually soft, smooth, harmonious and balanced in all three frequency bands. The high range must be clear but not too harsh, the bass range is strong but quiet, deep with a moderate response rate and the middle tone must be smooth to satisfy jazz enthusiasts.

Today’s article will suggest to users some models of jazz speakers or in the mid-range segment. The first is a product made in Poland, which is the Pylon Audio Pearl 27. These floor standing speakers are quite neat, so the listening rooms with an area of ​​about 25 square meters are considered as perfect space for Pylon Audio Pearl 27. Technically, the speaker has a 3-way structure and is equipped with up to 4 drivers by the manufacturer. At the top is a 25.4 mm diameter dome tweeter made from soft silk, surrounded by a metal circle capable of completely eliminating diffraction that directly affects the sound quality. The midrange and woofer drivers both have the same PSM 18.8 FGS code, but are capable of reproducing sounds in two completely different bands. The sound of these speakers is quite delicate, beautiful, capable of reproducing a very deep listening space. The vocals whether gentle, sweet or explosive emotions are well expressed. This is considered a perfect choice.

The next suggestion is Chario Reflex Terza – A bookshelf speaker for small and medium sized spaces. A special feature of this pair of speakers is the position of the vent placed on the bottom to help the bass not only stronger but better open, so the sound field is also wider. In addition to the AirRad Shallow Conex tweeter and the Staright Cell Compound woofer located on the front, Chario manufacturer has added two WallRad Shallow Conex tweeter drivers on the back of the speaker, which enhances accuracy, clear and natural treble strip. Bass is considered to be relatively deep down, quite smooth and elegant rather than crashing, vibrant while the middle is quite sweet, warm and smooth so very suitable for jazz.

Pylon Audio Pearl 27 and Chario Reflex Terza will bring beautiful, colorful jazz tunes to your home listening space. They both play many different types of jazz: From big band jazz, soul jazz to jazz pop,…